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Your Guide to Purchasing Storm Doors

By January 6, 2022Door Replacement, Doors
Guide for Purchasing a Storm Door

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What Is a Storm Door?

Storm doors are added in front of an existing outside door as an “extra”. A storm door adds an extra layer of protection to your external doors (particularly in the winter) and can let air circulate in hot times. Storm doors are used for the following purposes:

  • A storm door protects a wooden or painted front door from the elements.
  • As long as temperatures are comfortable, you can open it plus the front door to allow light — but not frigid air — through the glass panel.
  • It adds another layer of insulation, keeping cold breezes and hot air out.
  • Storm door screen panels enable air to enter and circulate in warm weather, while keeping pests and debris out.

Differences Between a Storm Door and a Screen Door

A storm door is not the same as those flimsy doors you often got your fingers pinched in as a youngster. A storm door contains detachable or adjustable glass, as well as panel inserts which the homeowner can change depending on the weather. Storm doors are more durable than standard screen doors, since they’re made to withstand adverse weather.

When Should You Use a Storm Door?

A storm door is an all-season addition to your home. The glass panels are useful in cold, wet, or windy weather since they shield outer doors from the elements. If the weather is chilly but sunny, open the front door, close the storm door, and enjoy the sunlight coming in through the glass panel.

If your storm door includes a screen, you can remove the glass panels and use the screen to bring in fresh air, without letting in troublesome insects in warmer weather.Guide for Purchasing a Storm Door

Storm Door Types and Features

Storm doors are often wood, fibreglass, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or aluminum (with wood being the least frequently used). The following are the most common types of storm doors:

Storm doors with full visibility. This storm door style often has a complete glass panel (although it can have two or less panes). Some models have a pet door. When the front door is open, a full-view storm door lets in plenty of light. A screen panel is standard on most full-view doors. In warm weather, the glass panel is removed and easily replaced with a screen panel.

Storm doors with a partial view. Partial-view doors, on the other hand, have fewer windows and more doors. They let light and air into your room and have the same features as full-view doors such as detachable glass panes, pet doors and retractable screens.

Storm doors with retractable (or self-storing) screens. This storm door style often has a full-view window, although it can also have a half-window glass. When not in use, the screen door retracts into the body of the door. To utilize the screen, just remove the glass panel(s).

Storm doors with ventilation. This storm door style can be full-view or partial-view, and it can have one or more glass panels. The displays are not detachable and are fixed in place, and some enable you to move a screen up or down, in order to cover one or both window openings.

Storm doors come in a variety of types and sizes. The most frequent colours are white and almond; however, additional colours may be available by special order.

Maintenance of Storm Doors

Storm doors require little upkeep. You can remove dirt, spider webs and other debris with a soft cloth, then just wash with a rag and soap and water as needed. When storing glass or screen panels, keep them secure in your garage or basement where they won’t be damaged, cracked or twisted.

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