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What Should You Know About Awning Windows

What to Know When Purchasing Awning Windows

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When you sell your property, replacing the windows might provide you with a 71 percent return on investment. Awning windows are the sort of window to consider if you’re upgrading or replacing your windows.

Or do you have no intention of selling? There is no need to be concerned. 63 percent of those who had their windows replaced said they now like being at home more. Your home will look better with new windows and improved energy efficiency can help you save money on your electricity bills.

What Is an Awning Window and How Does It Work?

The top of an awning window has hinges, and it opens from the bottom. Awning windows are windows that open outward. Like a casement or hopper window, an awning window has a single sash that opens and closes using a hand crank.

Awning windows are rectangular and have a width that is greater than their height. The elevated glass acts as a shelter, similar to an awning, when the window is open over the aperture. The name is derived from this feature.

Where Are Awning Windows Useful?

Awning windows are suitable for various applications in the home, and they are a versatile option due to their design elements.


In the bathroom, privacy is certainly a top priority. Awning windows can be mounted high on the wall. You benefit from natural light and ventilation while preventing outsiders from peering in.

Throughout the year, you want air circulation in the bathroom. Awning windows may be opened in practically any weather.


Do you want to leave the window in your bedroom open but don’t want to invite burglars in? Awning windows are an excellent alternative in this situation. In that manner, you can sleep in the fresh air while remaining safe.

Know About Awning Windows


If you need to install a window over furniture or fixtures, an awning window is ideal. In the kitchen, this type of arrangement is common. You can still open an awning window if you have to reach over the sink (or a wide counter).

Another reason to choose an awning window for the kitchen is that this is an area where you want air circulation all year.

With a picture window

Awning windows provide a clear view of the outside world. A lot of people put them above a picture window. You keep your vision while still allowing air to circulate in the room.

At a low level

Other types of windows are less secure than awning windows. Because your family’s protection is paramount, this security feature makes them an excellent choice for locations where security is paramount. One example is basements or other below-ground rooms.

What Is the Function of an Awning Window?

The way awning windows operate is that they open and close with a crank, making them easier to manage than slider windows.

Simply unlock the locks on both sides of the window to open it. Then unfold and turn the crank handle until the window is open to the desired angle. Awning windows may expand up to 90 degrees in some cases.

Close the window by turning the handle the opposite direction until it is shut. It  locks on both sides.

What Are the Benefits of Awning Windows?

Awning windows have a lot of benefits in addition to their appealing appearance.

Light and ventilation

Awning windows let in a lot of fresh air, and they allow for the entry of natural light into the room. An awning window may provide you with benefits we all enjoy such as fresh air and light, even in small or difficult-to-reach areas of your home.

Can remain open regardless of weather

Because of how an awning window works, the glass protects the window opening when it is open. As a result, even if it rains, the window can remain open.


We said before that an awning window can fit high on a wall where other windows can’t. As such, an awning window is a wonderful choice in places where privacy is crucial, such as the bathroom.


Awning windows are frequently located high on the wall and are small in size, making them tough to enter through.

Uninterrupted view

There are no rails on awning windows and they have only one sash. They provide you with an unimpeded perspective of the outside world.

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awning window aluminum

Awning Windows Ottawa: An Introduction to Aluminum Awning Windows

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Awnings are well-known for shielding homes and patios from direct sunshine. And most of the time, the design that comes to mind for customers is a fabric sun cover. Aluminum awning windows, on the other hand, were invented by home remodeling professionals today.

When it comes to home design, aluminum awning windows are becoming increasingly fashionable. They aren’t already available in fabric, but they come in standard windows with tints or glazes. This implies that you’ll get some sun protection even if you don’t have an awning or fabric on your window area.

You may be perplexed if you haven’t seen these aluminum awning windows before because they look like any other window except for the colours. Because they will keep excessive sunlight from reflecting inside your home, they will be darker in colour. These windows also include hinges that allow them to be opened at the correct angle to allow air circulation and a little sun inside while maintaining control of overexposure to the weather.

One of the advantages of these aluminum awning windows is that they are available in various styles to complement your home. The ones that appear like jalousie windows are available. This indicates that there are multiple layers of rectangular glass panes. For your home design, you can also choose to have little square windows that make up one entire window.

Aside from the design, these awning windows will allow you to choose whether each has a hinge that allows it to be opened or if you only want a portion of the window to have this function. The advantage of this option is that it will provide you with the greatest design for your house.

The main advantage of these aluminum awning windows is that they may provide you with a clear view from the inside, even if the outer half of the window has a dark tint. This indicates that the sun is obscured, but the idea is still clear and accessible.

A good advantage is that you can keep the open when its  raining and no water will get into the house. Recommended for kitchens and bathroom especially.

The qualities of these awning windows are as follows. So, if you want something practical while also meeting your design requirements, you just need to choose these windows, as the home design has become increasingly significant in recent years. This will make your home stand out and attract the attention of everyone who comes to see it.

A Brief Discussion of Awning Windows

Here we will explore the awning window and its cousin, the hopper window, so that you may make informedawning-window decisions about which windows would work best in each room of your house based on the needs and desires of that space.

An awning window is simply a window with a hinge at the top (header) of the window. The sash (moving component of a window) can be pushed out 3 to 4 inches with this hinge. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each window separately.

Balance between ventilation and view preservation

The attention is pulled to the center of an opening, picture, or landscape in any frameset. As a result, your gaze is generally directed to the opening’s center when you look out a window. With a center mullion running directly down the middle of your line of sight, single hung windows and horizontal sliders impede the view. As a result of this disadvantage, many individuals choose “fixed windows” or picture windows. The issue with this sort of window is that it loses its ability to ventilate.

Depending on which part of your view you want to keep, you can put an awning window at the bottom of a fixed window or the top of a fixed window. This draws your gaze to the center of the fixed glass area of the frame, preserving your vision but still allowing you to ventilate adequately.


Awning windows only open a few inches, making it nearly impossible to enter through them without smashing the glass, even if they are unlocked or left open. Awning windows are often broad in width but narrow in height. This makes it a difficult point of entry for would-be intruders.


Awning windows have a unique appearance that will set your home distinct from the thousands of other identical houses in your community. Although they have been around for a long time, they have a contemporary appeal and will complement any environment. You can combine them with the previously mentioned “hopper window,” which is a window with a bottom hinge that allows the top of the window to be slanted in. If you have awnings on one side of the room to pull the breeze in and hopper windows on the other side to push the breeze out, you’ll have a very efficient ventilation system.

Cost is a disadvantage

Awning windows are, regrettably, more expensive than their sliding counterparts. The hardware for an awning window is frequently too expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to utilize them everywhere, but keeping them in mind while choosing your windows may help you solve a few issues.

Restrictive is the second disadvantage

The size options available for awning windows given by window manufacturers may be limited. Most manufacturers limit them to a width of 3 feet and a height of no more than 2 feet. If you need a wider aperture, you can put two side by side, but you’ll have to be a little more creative with the sizes if you go that approach.

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