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One major advantage of having a steel door is that it offers a better barrier against thieves or other intruders due to its strength. Steel doors are energy-efficient, similar to fibreglass, and ideal for isolating warm air in winter.

Are steel doors safe?

Steel is rust-, corrosion-, and crack-resistant, particularly because they are produced with top coatings to provide even more protection. Steel is also longer-lasting than aluminum and other metal doors, so you don’t have to worry about hail storms or high wind damage.

In summer or winter, a steel door may feel very warm or cold to touch, even though steel front doors are stronger than wood or fibreglass.

Is steel better for entry doors?

Steel doors are more frequently utilized by business owners but are equally suitable for home uses.

Beauty. Steel doors are available in a range of stains and paint finishes in smooth or wood-grain textures and come in many door designs, some with glass.

Durable. Steel doors are the strongest and most durable doors available on the market, especially those of 20-gage steel such as the Legacy Steel Line. Steel entrance doors from Capital Comfort Windows & Doors come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Energy efficient. Steel doors provide far greater energy efficiency than wood doors. While efficiency scores vary depending on overall structure, Capital Comfort Windows & Doors are regarded as extremely energy-efficient and have ENERGY STAR certification on all glassless doors. 

Security. The best option for building or house safety protection is steel entrance doors. Doors are the primary means to enter and leave buildings, yet they are always the prime target of anybody who tries unlawfully to enter a building. Most doors are constructed of wood or PVC, however, and they may be attacked and broken very easily.

Cost. Steel entrance doors, compared to wood doors, are extremely economical and provide considerable long-term value. Depending on the door design and extras selected, the total costs may vary greatly.


Prevents burglary

Steel doors function as a visual dissuasion since anybody who wants to break through the door into a building would notice the steel door and probably not bother to try it. Every prospective thief would choose to assault a wooden or PVC door rather than a steel door. Even if someone decides to start an assault at the entrance, steel doors can withstand a huge amount of strain and abuse.

Benefits of steel doors from Capital Comfort Windows & Doors

Safety doors are the finest method of safe entry. These are steel doors with a steel frame, and thus it is stronger and safer than standard doors. They may be built to your requirements and sizes and manufactured from various steel thicknesses.

Variety of applications

There are many kinds of steel doors like common entrances, fire escape doors, louvre doors, etc. These doors are made of steel with conventional anti-crowbar bolts. The stainless steel gate may be equipped with the same furniture as other gateways, such as mailboxes, panel viewers, lever handles, door buttons, etc.

Options for finishing

Steel doors are often provided in a first finish (ready for painting on-site) or in a range of different powder-coated coloured finishes so that you may match any other colour in a structure. Some steel doors may also be made with ornamental decoration, wood finishes or patterns pleasing to the eye.

Options to lock

Various locking mechanisms are available: multi-locks, magnetic locks, deadlocks, push-pad, panic bars, etc. Along with door closers, door selectors and limits, there are options for door accessories. There are also additional side panels and top panels, which can only be solid or glazed panels. Steel doors are quite robust and may be very difficult to access when properly placed.

Capital Comfort Windows & Doors offers a series of custom fibreglass and steel entry doors that meet or exceed homeowners’ expectations.  Call us today at (613) 317-3922.