Single Hung Tilt Window

Single hung tilt windows are a good choice for a hung window. Specifically, for bungalows. They feature a shoe mechanism which allows the operating part of the window to tilt in for cleaning. The screen covers only the bottom part of the window giving an unabstracted view on the top. Interlock system and double weather seal makes the window warm and protected from drafts. Hung windows are usually used in older or classic North American style homes. Enjoy the true Capitals Comfort with Energy Efficient Single Hung Tilt Windows, be it on a cold winter day or a warm summer night.

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Product Description


Swing-in ability

  • Ability to tilt-in slider sash frames for easy-to-clean option.

Heavy Duty Locks

  • All sliders have standard cam lock(s), locks are added according to size of the window

  • Child-proof locks available on all sliding windows

Removable Screen

Multiple Drainage Channels


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