Fiberglass Entry Doors

Our fiberglass doors are designed to closely imitate a real wood door. Why fiberglass and not real wood? Wood doors are much more expensive and less durable than fiberglass doors. The only way that we can provide a lifetime warranty on a door is if its steel or fiberglass. The slabs are fiberglass skin with polyurethane foam core for energy efficiency. The door comes pre-hung in a wood, fiberglass or vinyl frame with ball bearing hinges for smooth operation. We can factory paint the slab or stain it, which is a natural choice if you want a fiberglass door. It will look just like wood. We have a variety of options for sidelights like solid, venting or operating sidelights. Front door glass can even be custom designed just for you as per drawings. We will work diligently with you to pick the right product for your house.

Door Catalogue: Novatech

Door Catalogue: Trimlite

Door Catalogue: Verre Select



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