Casement Windows

Casement windows are considered the most energy efficient windows for our Canadian climate. We provide new and replacement casement windows to home owners in the Ottawa and surrounding area. A casement window cranks out to a 90-degree angle and moves towards the centre of the frame. This lets it catch the breeze from whatever direction its coming, as well as makes it very easy to clean from the inside. Our beveled exterior frame design gives window character.  The step in design and the double compression tube make the window sealed and warm. Enjoy  true Comfort with high Energy Efficient Casement Windows, be it on a cold winter day or a warm summer night.

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Product Description

Triple weather sealing system

  • A combination of two bulb seals along with an extruded seal that is attached to the sash frame.

  • The extruded seal allows vacuum-type tightness allowing better energy efficiency than brush seals.

Truth Encore Hardware

  • The industry’s most reliable and attractive operating mechanism.

  • The contoured face-plate allows for an almost completely hidden handle.

  • Name-brand recognition and a proven ability to last decade after decade.

Heavy Duty Lock & Load Screens

  • We have designed a better casement screen with no side pins. This allows easier removal of screens for cleaning and also allows a more rigid screen design for tighter fitting and more attractive bevelling of the frame. No more tabs, no more pins, just lock & loaded screens that actually keep the bugs out.


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