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What Is a Steel Door?

A steel door is not the same as a solid steel door; steel doors are made out of a polyurethane or polystyrene core with a steel skin on top.

A solid steel door would be too heavy to open and would certainly rip the hinges out. With a steel door, the skin of the door is made of steel that’s between 16 and 24 gauge.

Where Should a Steel Door Be Installed?

Steel doors can be used to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. However, they are most commonly utilized as exterior entry doors.

Steel doors are often used to connect dwellings and garages. Steel doors are also put in inside-to-inside places because one of those areas requires security or fire protection.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Steel Door


Check that the door has all of the cuts you desire. If you purchase a solid door and then decide that you want a window or a pet door, you’ll discover that cutting through the door is quite difficult. The best approach to add cut-outs to a steel door is to hire a door installation.


Steel doors are delivered with a factory-applied primer painted with a brush, or a spray gun. Others have a PVC vinyl covering bonded to the steel skin which gives the door a certain appearance or colour (usually woodgrain). It should be noted that these PVC vinyl layers are difficult to paint if you wish to change the colour later.


When it comes to weather resistance, steel doors are on par with fibreglass and wood. So, if weather-tightness is your top priority, don’t necessarily choose a steel door. To protect the steel door from the elements, you need to install a storm door in front of it.


Steel doors should withstand scratching if you have a dog or other creature who likes to scratch them. On the other hand, steel doors will undoubtedly scratch when it comes to metal scratches, and it might be tough to get rid of them. A scratched steel door is frequently only repaired by repainting.

Ottawa Steel Doors Capital Comfort Windows and Doors

Steel Entry Doors Have 7 Fantastic Advantages

An entrance door is a crucial component of any property, and it is one of the first things you notice when entering a home. It also serves as a focal point for anybody gazing at the front of the house. Here are 7 excellent advantages to installing steel doors:

  1. Safety

Every homeowner has worried about what could happen if a thief or house invader tried to break into their home. Their loved ones’ safety and lives may be compromised. In addition, all of their valuables may be targeted for theft. It’s a terrible thought.

One of the finest aspects of a steel entry door is its durability. In terms of security, a steel entry door is unrivalled. Other types of doors, such as wood, can be easily broken into, but a steel entry door is virtually impossible to break into. This provides you with a tremendous amount of comfort.

  1. Easy to maintain

Steel doors are one of the most straightforward to keep in good working order. All doors require routine inspection, which you can conduct once a month by walking around the perimeter of your property and examining the doors and doorframes. Steel entry doors are low-maintenance because, unlike wood doors, they do not deteriorate or deform. For example, when temperature fluctuations have produced permanent modifications, there is no need to repair sections of the door.

  1. Long-lasting

We’ve all seen a youngster hurl a ball or push a bicycle or other object into a front door, producing unattractive and expensive damages. Depending on the material, entry doors can be costly to repair, which is why the durability of a steel entry door is so important.

Steel doors are extremely sturdy and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice. Steel is also one of the strongest materials available, beating wood in strength by a wide margin. When wood is subjected to temperature fluctuations, it distorts as it changes or becomes wet.

  1. Environmentally friendly

One of the biggest priorities for homeowners is energy efficiency. Almost every aspect of a house may be made more energy-efficient including the windows, garage doors and flooring. Steel entry doors are one of the most energy-efficient because they are thick and protective, making it impossible for cold air in an air-conditioned home (and warm air in a heated home) to escape.

While steel isn’t necessarily the best insulator, there is a thermal break between the steel layers, and the core is normally foam insulation. Furthermore, many steel doors come with weather stripping that creates an airtight seal.

  1. Noise isolation

Many house entry points are located along a busy thoroughfare. Loud street noise detracts from the comfort of a house like nothing else, but a steel entrance door may readily eliminate these loud noises.

Steel is very good at filtering out noise, so you won’t need to use earplugs in your own house. Even your loudest neighbours won’t be heard. Your home will seem more private and secure with less noise, which is something that all homeowners should be able to experience.

  1. Customized options

You can customize the appearance of your steel entry door as you see fit. All doors should be designed and ornamented to blend in with the overall design of the house. You don’t want a door that isn’t the same colour or style as the rest of the house.

Steel doors come in a variety of hues, ranging from vivid reds to earth tones. They’re also available in wood grain. They can also be accented with a lovely window to add some flare. Windows are available in a range of styles to complement the rest of your home.

  1. More affordable

Steel entry doors are less expensive than wood entry doors which can be fairly costly, especially if they’re created to order in unusual proportions. Steel, however, is inexpensive and lasts a long time, saving you money in the long run.


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