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Replacing a Sliding Patio Door

Replacing a sliding patio door differs from replacing any other door in your home. There is in fact more to think about, which may necessitate a bigger investment of both time and money. But this doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Follow these simple steps to replace a sliding patio door, and you’ll have a new patio door that completes your space in no time.

Choosing a Patio Door Style

You don’t have to settle for the same old style just because you’ve had a certain sliding glass door for years. Other types of patio doors operate in a variety of ways. You can specify whether one or both doors should open, and which way they should swing; folding patio doors, like sliding patio doors, open and close along a track. They fold and stack at the doorway’s edge, providing a large, unobstructed opening.

Your choice of sliding, hinged or folding doors is determined by the amount of space available on the wall, in front of the door and on the patio. Each style of door is put uniquely into the aperture. As a result, you may need to allow for the transition and space for the patio door to work, and the panels to remain when the door is fully opened.

The Number of Glass Panels

A typical sliding patio door has two glass panels, one stationary and one that slides adjacent to the stationary panel to create an entrance. However, you are not limited to this traditional two-panel design. You can add up to 10 glass panels to both multi-slide and bi-fold patio doors if you have the wall space. Even if you keep your present sliding glass door size, there might be room to add extra panels.

Patio door panels can be customized. With a narrow size, you might be able to put in additional panels which create a one-of-a-kind, three- or four-panel layout.

Choosing Vinyl, Fibreglass or Wood Patio Doors

A straight sliding glass door replacement provides you with greater options in patio door materials. You can select a sliding glass door made of wood, fibreglass or vinyl:

  • For energy efficiency, natural beauty and flexibility, wood is a fantastic choice. You can paint or stain it to complement your home decor.
  • Fibreglass blends the appearance of the painted wood grain with the strength of a robust composite material.
  • Vinyl is a basic yet elegant material. It also delivers long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Folding patio doors are available exclusively in wood. If you like the ease in maintenance of vinyl, or the durability of fibreglass, a sliding patio door offers the most design options.
Costs of Replacement Sliding Glass Doors

Costs of Replacement Sliding Glass Doors

You may have a general budget in mind when starting a sliding patio door replacement installation. However, to receive an exact estimate on patio door cost, you need to understand the design, amount of panels and material you choose.

Once you’ve decided what you want, prioritize each item. Is a wood patio door at the top of your list? Are you considering upgrading to multiple panels? Each of the following elements affects the overall cost of replacing a sliding glass door:

  • Style – Sliding patio doors are an affordable choice. Hinged and folding patio doors have a high-end appearance and are made mostly of high-quality materials.
  • Panels – The math is straightforward. Patio doors will cost more if they have additional glass panels. While 10-panel bi-fold doors are significantly more expensive than a single French door, three-panel and four-panel sliding patio doors are significantly less expensive than a normal sliding door.
  • Size – The larger the aperture, the more glass you’ll require. As a result, larger patio doors will therefore cost more than smaller ones.
  • Materials – Wood patio doors are on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Fibreglass is comparable to more affordable wood solutions (in terms of aesthetics and cost), and vinyl is the least expensive of all materials.
  • Features – Once you’ve sorted out the basic settings, there’s more to tweak. Grilles, hardware, glass, and between-the-glass blinds all add to the overall cost of a patio door replacement.

Making the Best Decision

You want to do it right the first time when replacing sliding glass doors since it’s an investment. Make time for research as you make your way through these steps of sliding patio door replacement. There is no substitute for physically inspecting patio doors. Browsing the selection, touching the materials, and experiencing the functionality of them allow you to visualize how a new patio door will look and function in your own house.

You’ll also save many hours of research by discussing your sliding glass door replacement options with an expert, whether you investigate in-store, or have a Capital Comfort professional come to you.

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