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Definition of Double-Hung Windows

A double-hung window, also known as a “double-sash” window, is a style of window with two sliding sashes that can be opened and closed. The top sash and the bottom sash are the two primary moveable elements of a double-hung window, and they may both be opened to allow for ventilation. Warm air can leave the top sash because heat rises, while cold air from the outside can flow through the bottom sash opening to give enhanced comfort. As a result, they’re a great alternative for two-story homes.

The Many Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Excellent ventilation

One of the most significant benefits of double-hung windows is managing airflow and providing good ventilation. Simply open both the top and bottom sashes for maximum ventilation; the bottom sash allows cool fresh air in, while the top sash allows hot internal air to leave. This can help to improve the quality of your indoor air, while also naturally cooling your house. Open just one sash if you simply need a small quantity of ventilation.

Adaptable in terms of aesthetics

Double-hung windows have a timeless beauty that makes them appropriate for any home or space. They’re available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and finishes. Double-hung windows are likely to blend in with any home’s decor, whether it’s conventional or contemporary.

Simple to maintain

This style of window is intended to be simple to maintain. Tilt-out sashes are common on double-hung windows, making cleaning easier because you can clean both the inside and outside from inside your home. Some even have sashes that can be removed. Apart from cleaning, you need only to examine the other parts regularly (and ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated). Your windows will endure for a long time due to the modest maintenance requirements needed.


Air conditioners and screens may be easily installed in double-hung windows. Because most units are built to glide up and down rather than crank out or move to one side, they can safely secure air conditioners while allowing for quick removal whenever needed.

Designed for safe operation

Double-hung windows do not crank out or project outward, as previously stated; in fact, its design avoids the potential for accidents in high-traffic areas such as walks, decks and patios. They’re also totally lockable, so intruders will have difficulty breaking in through double-hung windows while they’re closed.


This type of window lets in a lot of natural light, in addition to the greater ventilation discussed before. You may save even more money on your energy bills by using Low-E glass with gas fill and Fibrex, a patented composite material popular among homeowners for construction.


Our double-hung windows at Capital Comfort Windows and Doors are manufactured of high-quality vinyl which has advantages over wood, such as resistance to peeling, cracking, chipping and warping. A sloping sill design directs water away from the house and away from the foundation, lowering the risk of water intrusion. The mainframe and sash openings are fusion welded, making them extremely sturdy. Due to the twin ventilator locks which increase security, these windows lock even in the open position.

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