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Bay windows

What You Should Know About Bay Windows

Considerations When Purchasing Bay Windows | Capital Comfort

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Bay windows are an elegant and adaptable way to bring extra light, character and space to your house, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and total value. With this useful article, you can learn more about the many types of bay window installations available, and what you should consider before beginning the job.

Types of Bay Windows

Bay windows create a recessed area where the windows project outward, allowing more light into your room than traditional windows. They come in many styles, such as box, bow, and oriel, and each has a distinct form that adds aesthetic interest to your decor.

Box windows have a big central panel plus two smaller panes on either side, giving them a box-like appearance. They usually have a sitting area where you can read or cultivate plants. Bow windows are rounded, flowing out from the house’s face, and are utilized to create internal space and allow a greater perspective of the outside.

Oriel windows are semi-hexagonal and are often seen on higher levels, where ornate brackets or corbels support them. Oriels, like bow windows, are fantastic for increasing internal space and architectural elegance to your home.

Starting the Installation

While bay windows are an excellent way to add value and uniqueness to your house, their unusual form can sometimes make them more difficult to install than standard windows, necessitating further modifications in certain cases.

Consider the materials you’ll use for the panels, frame and other elements before beginning your project. Choose energy-efficient glass, for example, for an eco-friendly home. The panels you select will influence how your windows function. The majority of bay window installations include hinged panels (comparable to casement windows). Vertical sliding panels, fixed picture windows and double-hung windows are also popular.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Our magnificent rivers and the rolling hills of eastern Ontario are two of Ottawa’s outstanding features. It’s easy to picture waking up to a warm cup of coffee and gazing out over the natural scenery — what a wonderful way to start the day. Specialty windows, particularly bay windows with panoramic views, are in high demand in a place with such beautiful vistas.

Bow and bay windows were formerly regarded as a kind of luxury because of the stylistic statement they make in a room. However, there are several practical benefits (and only a few drawbacks) to consider before adding a bay window to your house. Changing your house’s windows is a huge project which requires you to think about the cost of new windows, how efficient they are, and how they’ll influence the aesthetic and feel of your home.

Benefits of Installing Bay Windows

We here at Capital Comfort are huge fans of bay windows – they’re like putting up a Should Know About Bay Windows lovely picture that changes with the seasons. Aside from the added view, a bay window adds significant value to your property, including:

  • More natural light – It stands to reason that more windows equal more light. However, the unique angles of bay windows enable full sunlight into your room from three vantage points rather than just one. This can brighten a space for extended periods of the day, and is ideal for living rooms, nurseries and offices where natural light is useful.
  • Additional space – Bay windows can help “open up” a room and are usually a fantastic area for both storage as well as extra seating. A bay window in a study or library, for example, might contain chairs to create a comfortable reading nook.
  • Added real estate value – Architectural touches which are a step above conventional stock windows (in terms of design) add value and appeal to a property. They also expand a home’s square footage, which always adds market value.
  • Increased ventilation – Two of the three panes which comprise a bay window are frequently moveable, allowing you to open them to let in fresh air. Because of their angles, bay windows have a higher utility for letting in a cool breeze than ordinary windows.

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