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A Guide to Replacing Basement Windows

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Table of Contents

A Guide to Replacing Basement Windows

An old basement window may cause difficulties of many kinds. It may harm your walls and your interior if it allows in moisture. And it may make your basement stuffy and warm if it’s no longer open smoothly.


Luckily, these problems are unnecessary. Follow our instructions for replacing a basement window and your basement will again be safe and waterproof.

Basement Window Replacement Tools and Equipment


  • Thick gloves
  • Tape measure
  • Pry bar
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Wooden shims
  • Spirit level
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Cold chisel
  • Broom or vacuum cleaner
  • Drill – if you install the window in a solid wall, you will need one with a hammer action
  • Innovative steel or galvanized tubes – you need twin-threaded concrete screws if the wall is concrete
  • Exterior caulk and caulk gun
  • Spray 
  • Outdoor primary application
  • Paintbrush

Steps to Replacing Your Basement Window | Capital Comfort Windows

Steps to Replacing Your Basement Window

      Step 1: Your New Window Measure

Before you create your new one, don’t start pulling out your old window yet. It may take several weeks for new windows to arrive. Until they do, you do not want to find yourself with an uneasy and chilly gap in your wall.

See whether the frame has to be removed or not. If it is just broken glass, the frame may be replaced. Measure the height and width of the glass in such an instance. But you will have to pull it out if the frame has rotted, twisted or rusted. Measure the height of the frame and its width.

  1. Remove the Old Window

Let’s get rid of that old window now. Place on a pair of thick gloves before you start working to protect your hands.

You can accomplish this step using a pry bar if it is a wooden framed window. Remove the frame from the wall and sash. Then take the reciprocal saw, and use it to trim the frame from the wall stubble. You may remove the window now.

The procedure will be a little different if you deal with a metal-framed window on a concrete wall. See whether the rivets have been squeezed or fastened in place. These are available through the use of a boiler or electric screwdriver, and boil it off if rivets are used. The frame, free from the recess, will now be pulled.

Step 3: Hole Cleanup

Look for any concrete ridges where the window goes. For example, when the concrete has been poured after installing the original window, you will have to remove the ridge. Take and hammer out your chisel.

Remove any waste now, whether you sweep it with a broom or use a suction cleaner. Your new window is now ready to be installed.

Step 4: Install Your New Window

Put your new window in the hole. You want it to be near to the base, but leave a little isolation gap. Push a few wooden shims below the base of the frame to accomplish this. You don’t have to go outdoors all the way, and you simply have a little more space to offer.

Use your best estimate to examine the horizontal nature of the window. If not, change the shim position until it is.

Step 5: Window Screw Square

To hold your window, you may depend on the expansion foam. However, it always remains secure by screwing it in. Remove the screen from the window and sash. This gives you more space to work and facilitates access to the screw holes.

Use stainless steel or galvanized screws if you have a wooden frame and drywall. You will need the force of a drill with hammerhead action if you have a concrete wall. Use it to create your hole and screw it into twin threaded concrete screws.

Some windows are fastened to your screws; put them in place immediately if you have them.

Step 6: Foam Expansion

Make sure that your foam expansion may be used with doors and windows. You want the kind marked “low growth.” High expansion foam expands more, as the name says. It places a lot of pressure on the window. As a consequence, it is hard to open, and the window may even bend.

Give it a vigorous shake to combine the materials in a vertical posture. Then apply it to the space between the frame and the walls equally through the pin. To get to the front of the window, you do not need the foam, and the objective is to isolate the crystal.

Close your window and lock it while you wait for it to dry.

Step 7: Replace the Outside of the Window with Caulk

Now it’s time to go outdoors when the new window is in position. Take your knife, caulk and caulk gun.

Control the suitability of your caulk for outside usage. You also have to attach your wood and metal window frame to the brick or stone wall. Check whether the temperatures to which it is exposed are tolerable. You will need a specialized product if you are in a region with extremely cold winters.

Now cut the cap of the caulk container into pieces. Cut on the nozzle where the appropriate bead of caulk is going to be given. Cut on an angle to simplify the application. Puncture the seal into your caulk bottle and put it in your caulk gun.

Apply the pin to the bottom of the window and gently slide it down to the bottom border. Then use the top of the window and along the sides.

Step 8: Completing the Task

Your job here is done if your window has a metal frame. However, you must use wood to protect it from the weather if it is constructed of wood.

Ensure that your primer is appropriate for outdoor usage. Use your paintbrush to apply it in a thin uniform layer, and let it dry as long as the tin recommends. You may leave it how it is when your primer is dry. Alternatively, a couple of external paint applications offer additional frame protection.

For more information on replacing basement windows in the Ottawa region, visit Capital Comfort Doors and Windows online or call us at (613) 317-3922.

What to Know About Awning Windows (Ottawa)

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What to Know About Awning Windows (Ottawa) | Capital Comfort Windows & Doors Ottawa

Table of Contents

What is an awning window?

Awning windows were first developed in the early 20th century and have practical, useful characteristics, which are helpful for modern homeowners. In contrast to sash windows, opened by sliding up and down, awning windows slip away from the house in an upward arc upon opening.

Where are awning windows used?

These windows may be put on walls taller than many other window kinds. High window positioning is beneficial for the capture of natural light, ventilation, and the maximization of your wall space. Awning windows provide better privacy than other windows that are openable.

What do awning windows entail?

There are single sash windows like casement windows, except they are hinged on the top rather than the side. A cupboard that opens and shuts the window on a metal track horizontally is used. This window type is very easy to operate and is a fantastic option for difficult access points, such as worktops, sinks and bathrooms. Awning windows are most popular because, in unfavourable weather, they may be left open. The inside of the home is protected from the rain because the window hangs outside to provide a shelter.

Features of awning windows

With a crank turn, the windows are hooked and open to the outside. If the awning windows are closed, one of the closest screens in the operational window will be available, like with casement windows. You may create single window wall systems that meet your particular design requirements, either individually or banked using fixed window systems.

How do awning windows work?

You may open the window to the necessary degree using a chain winder. Wideline windows may be secured in an open state, and only the wound window can be closed by the chain’s winder.

Where should you place an awning window?

In most locations requiring an opened window, awning windows may be applied. These windows on the walls may be taller than most open windows, positioned above furnishings or seats. This makes them very convenient in kitchens and bathrooms. The ability to retain privacy is another feature that makes awning windows an ideal option in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Advantages of awning windows | Capital Comfort Windows & Doors Ottawa

Advantages of awning windows

  • Awning windows have a full perimeter pressure seal, which lowers external noise, making it suitable for strong winds and greater isolation. The insulating characteristics of the windows make them a suitable fit for more efficient glass choices.
  • Awning windows provide many design options. They may be positioned on walls high or low, and they may be clustered together to enhance ventilation and yet look pleasing aesthetically. The tailings may be narrow or broad or anything in between.
  • Both modern and classic design house windows are suitable. The architectural impact is determined by the location, size and frame (wood or aluminum).
  • Even when it is pouring, a window may be opened. From the top hinge, the window swings out and allows the floor to ventilate without the danger of water entering the house.
  • Awning windows may be grouped with other windows.
  • Windows may be put on walls taller than many other window kinds. High window positioning is beneficial for capturing natural light, ventilation and the maximization of your wall space.
  • An awning provides better privacy choices than other windows that are openable. You may have an opened window without sacrificing privacy by utilizing high window placing or opaque glass.
  • Awning windows may be locked. This implies that if you want to allow ventilation and not compromise the security of your house, you have a decent window option.
  • If the tail size is reduced and the number of panels increases, the windows offer greater ventilation than sliding, double-hanging and sashless windows.

For the best in awning windows installation in the Ottawa area, visit Capital Comfort Windows and Doors online or give us a call at (613) 317-3922 today.

Bow windows

Bow Windows Ottawa: Features & Advantages of Bow Windows

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Table Of Content:

Bow windows have been popular for hundreds of years, and with good reason. They are not only a stunning addition or design feature to your home, but they also create space by expanding beyond the external wall, allowing you to have a cozy corner to curl up in, and installing one can help give your room a sense of loftiness. They also allow for a better view of your yard or the street outside, as well as more light to enter your home. It can be used as a breakfast nook or for plants that require a lot of light. They’re made up of four to eight casement windows that are connected to form an arch. They’re similar to bay windows, except they’re curved and semi-circular instead.

When you’re ready to create your bow window, consider adding a roof to give it a dramatic flair while also keeping water out. You can also go with architecturally carved mouldings and full-sized ventilation screens. Other features that can make your life easier are tilt-in sashes for simple cleaning from the inside, triple-sealed sashes, and neoprene bulb seals at the ends for a tight seal. All possible security elements are locking hardware for sash tilting, snap-in glass inside the home, and extra security cam lock and keepers that resist forced entry.

Windows that save energy

It’s difficult to argue against energy-efficient windows when it comes to the windows themselves. They will improve your comfort by minimizing cold drafts and making your home feel warmer during the seasons when it is necessary to heat it. They also prevent condensation by keeping the relative humidity at a greater level. You can relax about condensation, but if the humidity levels within your home are too high, no window will completely prevent condensation. The most significant advantage they have is a financial one. They reduce air leakage and increase thermal window performance. Storm windows alone can increase the energy efficiency of your windows by up to 50%, resulting in significant savings in your energy expenditure.

When used to paint your bow window, water-based finishes will not only enhance the particular beauty of your home but will also prevent early ageing and will not leave your windows brittle, as specific processes are prone to doing. Recent advancements have significantly increased this paint’s capacity to work in all types of conditions for many years. A good provider will have hundreds of colours to pick from, as well as colour-matching specific features to help you find the perfect hue for your home.

Bow windows are a great choice to consider if you’re seeking to make a little addition to one of your rooms to help open it up and give you a little more space and light, or if you just want more light and a peaceful area to read at the end of the day.

Bow Window Treatments in Action

When it comes to choosing the right look for your bow window coverings, you have many options. You have the option of purchasing individual window treatments that will be placed to match the arch, and the possibilities are virtually endless. Alternatively, you can have a track and draperies made just for your window arch.

If you choose different treatments, you’ll need four or more panels to cover the window completely. They might be light and airy or massive and opulent. Because many bow windows are on the ground floor and in the front of the house, you might want to consider privacy drapes. You can use sheers throughout the day to provide some privacy and then draw heavier curtains in the evening.

Your options, however, do not end at the panels. Vertical or horizontal roller shades or blinds can be used. Pleated blinds or shutters are two options. As you become more aware of the different options available to you, your imagination will take over.

You can choose shades that appear gorgeous on the inside and outside of the house because you will want privacy and the glorious bow window adding further beauty to the room.

If you choose a custom-made track for your bow window, you’ll have a lot of options in this department as well. There are several benefits as well. They’ll perfectly suit your window’s dimensions. This is especially useful if the size isn’t conventional. They will be customized to your preferences, including not just the colour scheme but also the fabric. There will only be one drawstring to open and close them, with two at most if you want different sheers. If you pick the different curtain option for your large window, this is in contrast to the separate four or more panels.

If your bow windows are in your living room, you’ll undoubtedly want them to have a completely different look and feel than if they’re in your bedroom. Because the living room is intended to be used for living, it can be more daring. You can use reds and golds, as well as darker colours. And you’ll want to stick with the motif, whether it’s Victorian or modern, or whatever furniture is already there. Treatments in your bedroom would be more modest, comfy, and peaceful. It’s a chamber for peace and quiet, possibly romance, and sleep.

So, when it comes to choosing curtains for your bow window treatments, you have a few options. Horizontal wooden slats or shutters can be used, or long, flowing sheers can be used to the floor. Whatever you choose to do with these windows, make sure the textiles and colours you choose contribute to their grandeur and capture, if not become, the room’s beauty.

Replacement door Ottawa

How to Choose the Best Replacement Door for Your Home

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Table Of Content:

Choosing the finest replacement door for your home can help you improve your home’s aesthetic, safety, and energy efficiency. There is no rule that your new door must look exactly like your old one, and today’s possibilities provide you with a wide range of fascinating options for marking the entrance to your home.

Almost any material can be used to create the look you want for your door. Windows, woodgrain, panelling, other elements, and hardware are popular door upgrades that may be put into any door to give it an upscale appeal.

Choose the classic option of wood

Wood, Steel, and fibreglass are three of the most used door materials.

The most prevalent material for doors is wood. Many other door materials aim to imitate its built-in charm. A solid wood door is the gold standard of entries, especially when made of hardwoods and set in a robust frame with beautiful carvings and mouldings.

While some low-cost doors use layers of wood veneer over an engineered wood core, this structure is also used in more expensive doors to make them more energy-efficient, as the insulated core can have an R-5 insulation rating. While the rails and stiles that make up the frame are laminated, the frame is more resistant to warping, ensuring that the door always fits perfectly. These procedures increase the cost of a wooden door, but they also make it more durable and make your home more attractive and cozy.

For durability and security, go for steel or fibreglass

On the other hand, steel doors can be less expensive than wood doors while providing benefits such as durability, security, and low maintenance. All of them have a wood or steel interior frame, as well as high-density foam insulation. The best doors feature a 24 gauge or less steel covering a structure that prevents dents and dings and a surface pattern that mimics woods.

Purchasing a steel door system can be more cost-effective while also lowering energy bills and increasing the value of your property, which purchasers will appreciate if you decide to sell. There are, however, drawbacks. Steel can dent, detracting from its appearance; minor dents can be repaired with an auto body repair kit, but larger dents may necessitate replacing the door. Consumer Reports reported that they did not perform as well as wood or even fibreglass doors in tests.

Fibreglass doors are also a practical option because they look like natural wood but require no maintenance. They can withstand the elements and intruders, and they include a foam core for increased energy efficiency.

Using glass in your replacement door is a great idea

Regardless of the door material you choose, adding glass panels or even side panels that contribute different styles, colours, and textures to the mix may make your new door look like a million dollars.

The panels can meet Energy Star regulations and feature low U-factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC) to ensure low heat transmission and high sun blockage. They are also more difficult to break-ins if they are made of laminated security glass, as even piercing the glass with a hammer to make enough area to reach it would take time.

Deal with a reputable door and window contractor that can provide you with the options you want when you want a fashionable yet energy-efficient replacement door.

The Advantages of Replacing Doors

Doors may be found almost anywhere. Doors can be found in a variety of areas, including homes, offices, and restaurants. Doors play an essential role in every location where they are present. It ensures that the occupants are safe from intruders. A place can appear considerably more intriguing by using the appropriate doors. Doors serve an extremely important function and must be operational at all times. Despite this, it is normal for items to wear out over time. There are some doors that are broken as well. If this happens to any of your doors, you should consider replacing them.

There are many different types of doors on the market, and some of them are excellent for people who want to save money on their energy bills. This is a type of door that saves energy. They fit perfectly on the aperture of a door, indicating that they are airtight. The combination of a heater and an air conditioner increases the amount of energy used in a home. Air would not be able to enter or exit through airtight doors. As a result, air conditioners and heating equipment will be utilized less frequently than before.

Replacement doors not only help people save money on their energy bills, but they’re also very appealing. A door is required for each room in a house. As a result, doors are available in a variety of styles. This is to ensure that a homeowner will be able to tell which door is appropriate for the sleeping quarters or the terrace. Doors are built of a range of materials as well. Anyone should consider the house’s design when deciding what type of door to employ—knowing the Wood kind of look a homeowner likes Wood essential. Because looking for new doors entails spending money, one should Woodon and select just the best option.

steel entry doors

Fiberglass Doors Ottawa: The Reasons Why They’re the Best Option

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Table Of Content:

Fibreglass doors are certainly a boon to homeowners. There are a variety of reasons behind this. Before the introduction of this, the most popular door option was the wooden door. Nonetheless, when fibreglass was introduced, it quickly surpassed the wooden door, if not all sorts of doors. What are the causes that we are so passionate about? Let’s see how many ways we can come up with. A fibreglass door is relatively durable. This has been recognized as a way to get through the Arctic’s extreme cold. Furthermore, it may withstand the desert’s enormously high temperatures and the potential damage caused by seawater sodium. The truth is that even if it is in these settings, it will not be harmed in the least. It will not break, crack, decay, or be disfigured in any way. It may also survive the detrimental effects of corrosives, resist rust, and be resistant to nicks.


One of the many reasons a fibreglass door is so popular is its resistance against intruder break-ins. The additional layers of glass are one of the causes behind this. If an intruder tries to snap it, it could be more difficult for them to accomplish it. This door usually has three to four panes and a lock block of at least twelve inches. To tear this down, one would have to put in a significant amount of effort.

Fibreglass doors may also be environmentally friendly

Because fewer trees would have to be cut down to make each fibreglass door than would be required to make a wooden door. Fortunately, they are stronger than wooden doors, which means they will be less reliant on wooden doors with time. And, because they have two to three panes, they help to keep energy prices stable. A fibreglass door can also be designed to resemble wooden doors. If this is your style, you should be able to achieve it very easily. It’s as though you’re getting the finest of all imaginable worlds. On the one hand, design is accomplished, while on the other, resilience is discovered.

A fibreglass door also has the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty

In contrast to practically all timber doors, it comes with a warranty. The guarantee may cover damages that are highly unlikely to happen to this door type due to its resistance to the elements. One item that the guarantee might not cover is the destruction caused by the property owner.

The cost of purchasing fibreglass doors can be a deterrent for many people because they can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

Investing in these doors is likely to be a wise and prudent decision. However, you should consider the positive outcomes that they can produce in the long run. Consider all of the cost savings you will bring to the environment, to you as a homeowner who will need to shop for high-quality items for the house, and to anyone who wants peace of mind from invaders. Also, because it is so long-lasting, you may not need to purchase a new door in the future because this type of door can last a lifetime. This could be it if you’re looking for a place to put your money and feel good about it.

Are Fiberglass Doors a Good Investment?

Fibreglass doors are lightweight yet highly sturdy doors. They’re common in water treatment plants, hospitals, and schools throughout the world. So, why do individuals buy fibreglass doors in the first place? Do you like wood or metal doors? For starters, unlike metal and wooden doors, which can be either heavy or extremely weak in terms of strength, these doors are built to be extremely strong and lightweight.

Another reason why many businesses and individuals prefer fibreglass doors to other types of doors is they do not rust as quickly as wood or metal doors. They’re also resistant to toxins and whatever else Mother Nature can throw at them. I adore these doors for a variety of reasons. I like that they don’t rust, become unsightly quickly, or fall apart like wood or metal doors. There’s a reason why huge glass doors are becoming more popular in the United States and other countries. They are capable of completing any task!

So, why should you invest in one of these items? To begin with, they are exceedingly cost-effective and adaptable, as well as extremely strong and lightweight. Firefighters favour these glass fibre doors for a reason: they have been shown to withstand fires for up to 90 minutes. Schools also choose them since they are cost-effective and incredibly durable in the face of the constant influx of kids.

awning window aluminum

Awning Windows Ottawa: An Introduction to Aluminum Awning Windows

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Table Of Content:

Awnings are well-known for shielding homes and patios from direct sunshine. And most of the time, the design that comes to mind for customers is a fabric sun cover. Aluminum awning windows, on the other hand, were invented by home remodeling professionals today.

When it comes to home design, aluminum awning windows are becoming increasingly fashionable. They aren’t already available in fabric, but they come in standard windows with tints or glazes. This implies that you’ll get some sun protection even if you don’t have an awning or fabric on your window area.

You may be perplexed if you haven’t seen these aluminum awning windows before because they look like any other window except for the colours. Because they will keep excessive sunlight from reflecting inside your home, they will be darker in colour. These windows also include hinges that allow them to be opened at the correct angle to allow air circulation and a little sun inside while maintaining control of overexposure to the weather.

One of the advantages of these aluminum awning windows is that they are available in various styles to complement your home. The ones that appear like jalousie windows are available. This indicates that there are multiple layers of rectangular glass panes. For your home design, you can also choose to have little square windows that make up one entire window.

Aside from the design, these awning windows will allow you to choose whether each has a hinge that allows it to be opened or if you only want a portion of the window to have this function. The advantage of this option is that it will provide you with the greatest design for your house.

The main advantage of these aluminum awning windows is that they may provide you with a clear view from the inside, even if the outer half of the window has a dark tint. This indicates that the sun is obscured, but the idea is still clear and accessible.

A good advantage is that you can keep the open when its  raining and no water will get into the house. Recommended for kitchens and bathroom especially.

The qualities of these awning windows are as follows. So, if you want something practical while also meeting your design requirements, you just need to choose these windows, as the home design has become increasingly significant in recent years. This will make your home stand out and attract the attention of everyone who comes to see it.

A Brief Discussion of Awning Windows

Here we will explore the awning window and its cousin, the hopper window, so that you may make informedawning-window decisions about which windows would work best in each room of your house based on the needs and desires of that space.

An awning window is simply a window with a hinge at the top (header) of the window. The sash (moving component of a window) can be pushed out 3 to 4 inches with this hinge. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each window separately.

Balance between ventilation and view preservation

The attention is pulled to the center of an opening, picture, or landscape in any frameset. As a result, your gaze is generally directed to the opening’s center when you look out a window. With a center mullion running directly down the middle of your line of sight, single hung windows and horizontal sliders impede the view. As a result of this disadvantage, many individuals choose “fixed windows” or picture windows. The issue with this sort of window is that it loses its ability to ventilate.

Depending on which part of your view you want to keep, you can put an awning window at the bottom of a fixed window or the top of a fixed window. This draws your gaze to the center of the fixed glass area of the frame, preserving your vision but still allowing you to ventilate adequately.


Awning windows only open a few inches, making it nearly impossible to enter through them without smashing the glass, even if they are unlocked or left open. Awning windows are often broad in width but narrow in height. This makes it a difficult point of entry for would-be intruders.


Awning windows have a unique appearance that will set your home distinct from the thousands of other identical houses in your community. Although they have been around for a long time, they have a contemporary appeal and will complement any environment. You can combine them with the previously mentioned “hopper window,” which is a window with a bottom hinge that allows the top of the window to be slanted in. If you have awnings on one side of the room to pull the breeze in and hopper windows on the other side to push the breeze out, you’ll have a very efficient ventilation system.

Cost is a disadvantage

Awning windows are, regrettably, more expensive than their sliding counterparts. The hardware for an awning window is frequently too expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to utilize them everywhere, but keeping them in mind while choosing your windows may help you solve a few issues.

Restrictive is the second disadvantage

The size options available for awning windows given by window manufacturers may be limited. Most manufacturers limit them to a width of 3 feet and a height of no more than 2 feet. If you need a wider aperture, you can put two side by side, but you’ll have to be a little more creative with the sizes if you go that approach.

Looking for new or replacement windows or doors in the Ottawa or Eastern Ontario area? Call us today for a free estimate.