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5 Big Benefits of Fiberglass Entry Doors From Capital Comfort

By December 27, 2021Doors
Fiberglass Entry Doors What You Should Know

Fiberglass entry doors may be the best option for many homes, and they come with a slew of useful features. They are long-lasting, low-maintenance and energy-saving. 

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of installing fiberglass front doors:

Benefits of fiberglass front doors


Fiberglass entry doors are renowned for this excellent feature. When fiberglass doors were initially launched, they didn’t have a reputation for being particularly attractive. Nonetheless, they were immediately recognized as one of the most robust doors available, which is still the case now.

What does this mean for you and your home? For people who live in certain places, this can be a significant factor. Living near a lake, in a windy place, or in a climate with all four seasons may increase your need for a more sturdy entry door.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass is an excellent heat-insulating material. What does this mean for you and your home? This means that if it’s hot outside in the summer and you turn on the air conditioner, your yard won’t get the cool air meant for inside your house.

The opposite is also true. If it’s winter and you’ve turned up the heat, your furnace isn’t melting the snow on your front step. In either case, you’re saving money on your energy bill and not wasting resources.


Fiberglass entry doors don’t require much maintenance, and they don’t easily dent, ding or scuff. To keep them appearing vivid and fresh, you don’t need to paint or stain them.

What does this mean for you and your home? In terms of lifestyle, low maintenance can be a big benefit for homeowners. A fiberglass door will keep you satisfied with minimal effort, whether you’re a busy parent, for example, or you simply don’t want to have to think about it.

Fiberglass Entry Doors What You Should Know | Capital Comfort



While it used to be difficult to find a fiberglass entry door that properly matched your home, that is no longer the case. Fiberglass doors are incredibly adaptable and may complement practically any home.

So when you’re looking for a fiberglass entry door to complement a specific style, colour or aesthetic in your home, you’ll be able to discover one at Capital Comfort.


When people are concerned with adding style to the appearance of their home, they frequently search for wood doors. On the other hand, today’s fiberglass doors can be designed to mirror the beauty and grandeur of a wood door while requiring less maintenance. 

Fiberglass may therefore be the appropriate answer for you if you want to match a more classic design; simply want the look of wood; or want the look of wood but want to keep your budget in check. Fiberglass doors are typically less expensive than wood doors, yet we can make fiberglass doors which appear just like real wood, right down to the wood grain and stain.


Fiberglass doors are a durable replacement for wood doors. Modern fiberglass doors have improved their ability to simulate the appearance and feel of real wood doors, without the hazards of warping, rot, shrinking or swelling.

The frame, the core, and the skin are the three main components of fiberglass doors. Wood or a high-strength composite material is commonly used for the frame. For insulation and soundproofing, the core is filled with polyurethane insulating foam. The exterior of the door is made of high-impact compression-moulded fiberglass.


A fiberglass door will not allow a hole to be punched through it. The security of your house entrance is determined by the door, the frame and the hardware. When it comes to security, the door’s strength will matter, but fiberglass doors provide you with peace of mind.

For your best selection of fiberglass doors in the Ottawa National Capital Region, visit Capital Comfort Windows and Doors online or call us at (613) 317-3922 today.


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