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Few things compare with a gentle bay or bow window’s obvious charm and elegance. In addition to providing you with more light and space, both may be utilized to create an ideal environment for a reading area, a breakfast nook or even a small greenhouse. You may choose three angles of 34, 45 or 90°, between stationary or working windows, and even a bay seat!

What is a Bay Window?

A bay window consists of three or more windows, which slant over the outside wall. Expert installation at four projected angles up to a 90-degree case back is required. Since the window is outside the wall, a wide view and even an extra sitting area may be enjoyed.

Why is it called a “bay” window?

A bow window is the gap between architectural components, a recess or a compartment in architecture. Bay windows are three or more windows with a square, hexagonal or octagonal form angle over an external wall. This forms a compartment when they curve beyond the outside wall. As a compartment is architecturally referred to as a bay, these are known as bay windows.

Types of Bay Windows

Bay windows have been around for almost 500 years, yet not all that much has changed. You may add various types of windows, alter the angle, and add a few architectural features to your tastes, giving a broad range of design possibilities. There are four distinct kinds of bay windows, but they have all great design flexibility:

  1. Canted Bay Windows 

These feature the traditional form you’re looking for in a lower window. The flat fronts are angular and can only be found on the first floor of houses and buildings.

  1. Box Bay Windows

Box bay windows are the same architecturally, but the distinction is that at an angle of 90 degrees, the flanked windows on the side meet the front window to make up the box.

  1. Oriel Windows

Originally popular on houses in the English Renaissance, Oriel bay windows are the older version of bay windows which are integrated onto the side of a house and never touch the ground to discover the narrative of a house or structure. The ornamental bracket (or corbel), made of wood, stone or masonry, typically appears beneath the windows to give structural support to an oriel window.

  1. Circle Bay Windows

Circle bay windows are less frequent yet sufficiently distinctive to be categorized. Bigger panels of glass delineate the three faces and extra panels above the windows. Circle bay windows include complicated mouldings and decorative embellishments.

Benefits of Bay Windows

  1. More natural light

Bay windows not only provide a spectacular view of the outside world, but they encourage you to experience sunlight. The slanted shape of bay windows makes them more effective than conventional flat windows by providing natural lighting in many directions. You cannot overlook the emotional advantages of more sunshine, in addition to the energy-saving benefits of natural light in your house.

A lot of sunshine improves productivity and comfort, and offers the necessary mental and visual stimulus to stabilize your mood.

  1. Add style and space to any room

Bay window panoramics, elegance and energy efficiency benefits are popular. But they do a lot more. Bay windows are also renowned for their capacity to make a space seem wider. This function is particularly helpful while living in a small home or busy surroundings.

  1. Good air flow

Since they are a group of two or more windows, instead of simply one, you may have a beautiful air arise from two or many directions. Together with clean air, such windows may assist in circulating air space, so it’s no surprise they are a popular choice for homeowners.

  1. Home value enhanced

Bay windows are an outstanding method of adding value and attracting prospective purchasers. The sparkling glass makes the home appear clean and contemporary, and its design gives the area an attractive appearance and creates a sense of more space.

  1. A comfortable retreat for reading

Bay windows provide a great outlook and may add to any room’s appeal. However, others like them not just for their looks, but for their usefulness. A comfortable couch or a seat may be installed next to your window, so you can enjoy a coffee and a good book beneath a blanket. You may also construct the ideal home office setting with a little table in the lower window area.

Whatever you like the most, one thing is clear: Bay windows may help you create a comfortable hideaway for yourself, family or friends.

  1. Versatility

Bay windows are a major complement to contemporary houses. One of the major things people appreciate is that there are very flexible bay window options. You can put them inside your living area or kitchen, but the master bedroom is also an excellent choice.

  1. More space for storage

You may utilize the seating area to store around a bay window. For example, a couch below can store clothing, books, shoes and hide compartments.

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