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Adding Heated Living Space by Remodeling and Enclosing a Porch

By January 19, 2022Porch Enclosures
Adding Heated Living Space by Remodeling and Enclosing a Porch

Converting Your Porch Into an Enclosed Room

If your family is expanding and you need more room, you’re in luck if your house includes an enclosed porch. Converting your three-season porch into a finished heated room will not only offer you the extra space you want, but it can also be an easy and cost-effective method to do so.

There are several benefits to remodeling your porch. First, there is no loss of yard space as there would be with an addition, because the space is already there. Plus, because it’s an existing structure you’ll have fewer zoning concerns, and much of the structural work is already done.

Examining Your Existing Porch

When it comes to upgrading your porch, you have a lot of alternatives. But there are a few parameters you should discuss with your design-build remodeler. To begin, you should ensure that upgrading your porch will not detract from the overall decor of your home. This is especially true when enclosing a porch on some bungalows or Victorians since it might impair your home’s much-desired charm. Your design-build contractor can collaborate with you to ensure your new construction is architecturally suitable.

Side porches are easily transformed into a home office, a playroom for the kids, or a den/family area. If your porch is near the back of your home, it’s great for additional room for an expanded kitchen. With new insulation and energy-efficient windows, you can transform your porch into a light-filled room (sunroom or 3-season room) that will give you year-round enjoyment.

Before you begin, you must assess the current framework. While most of the infrastructure may already be in place, you must carefully analyze the foundation in order to ensure it can sustain the completed construction. You must also consider the expenses of:

  • Insulation: Walls and ceilings may need to be insulated. The amount and kind of insulation you use are determined in part by the existing structure and the intended usage of the area.
  • Replacement Windows: Your design-build contractor can assess whether the old window frames can be reused, which can help you save money. Remember to match your existing windows to ensure that your new porch complements your home’s architectural design.
  • Plumbing: The proximity of your new room to existing plumbing will influence the complexity and expenses of adding plumbing if necessary.
  • Electrical: Even if you already have electrical service on your current porch, you may need to update it, to satisfy your local building requirements.
  • Heating and cooling: This is a crucial factor to consider. While your home’s systems may be capable of accommodating an additional room, you may need to supplement the HVAC for this new space. Baseboard heating is one alternative; however, while it’s simple to install, it can be costly to maintain on an ongoing basis. For heat, consider installing a fireplace, pellet stove or wood stove.
  • Drywall, flooring and cabinetry.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Although enclosing your porch to create usable space is a cost-effective option, there are aAvoiding Common Mistakes few hazards to be aware of. Winters can be exceptionally severe, and your design-build contractor must know the local weather conditions and include them in your space’s design. Insulation and energy-efficient windows are crucial considerations in Ottawa. If you intend to connect your new room to your house, make sure it’s as energy efficient as the rest of your home.

Another important aspect of transforming your porch into a useful space is the foundation. The depth of your foundation must be sufficient to support the extra weight of the porch’s roof, walls and windows. Failure to properly assess the foundation can result in leaks or failure. The foundation of a porch is sometimes shallower than the foundation of your house. Adding to the building without first preparing the base might result in cracks in the foundation (and the roof where it meets the home). This can end up costing you a lot of money in repairs and may hinder your ability to sell the house later.

Remodeling your porch and adding more living space can increase the value and utility of your property. Before construction begins, make sure you have a detailed discussion with your professionals at Capital Comfort Windows And Doors. We can assist you in designing a room that will blend in with the existing architecture of your house, while also providing you with the extra space your family needs!

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