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What Is a Bow Window?

A bow window is like a bay window, but not as far from the side of the house. This kind of window is the favourite option for homeowners who want to add character to their houses and space to the room where the arched window is placed.

Other arched windows are lifted to the height of a counter, often with a shorter shelf. The welcome mood produced by a bow window can be rounded off with a vase of flowers or other pleasant trinkets. If flowers do not match the owner’s personality, they may choose anything they talk about: for example, model trains, clocks or recipe books.

There is no end to the advantages of bow windows. Many individuals decide to build a chest with which the top can be opened. This is the ideal location to keep additional clothes or cushions in a living area, and it may serve as a toy chest in a children’s room.

Although most houses are not built with all the advantages of bow windows, any conventional window may be converted into one. The investment creates a welcome touch that supersedes substitution of the carpet or a new furniture package.

Bow Window Features

Bow windows have three main features: they provide more natural light, are completely adjustable, and may significantly enhance the attractiveness of your house.

Bow windows may provide more natural light since they are bigger than your regular window, and they provide you with a wider perspective of the outside to make your living space seem bigger. This kind of window also has a shelf, which may be utilized as a place to sit, store or decorate.

Contrary to many other windows, bow windows may be tailored to meet the requirements of each householder. Although three lite are often needed for a bow window, depending on the size of the window you want, your window may still be built of four, five or even more lite. In addition to the height and location of the installation, you may also select the style of windows you desire.

Since this window is much wider than a conventional window, it makes the house seem more beautiful and intriguing.


Furthermore, if you have old windows and worn seals, then replacing them with a new bow window restores the energy efficiency of your house and makes it more comfortable inside throughout the year.

Bow Window Advantages

If you’re thinking of generating more space in your house without adding substantially, then a bow window may assist. You can enjoy a lovely, energy-efficient window inside and out.

You may utilize the bow window to increase the appearance of the room itself or even the outside of the room if you want the space to seem larger. It may make you think you’ve got a bigger space. The wall seems farther away than it is really and creates an illusion. The window’s distinctive form also works well on the look of both inside and outside of your house.

Bow windows utilize a single-window unit with three or more glass slides. The external windows usually open when the main window is set. The various parts of the windows are all combined in angles to produce a lovely scale. The light filters from every corner, something that is not done by a conventional single-slide window. This will make your space more welcoming, open and luminous.

Bow windows are big, open and gorgeous if something extraordinary is added to the space, and they may also be very energy efficient.

Installing Your Bow Window

Both bow and bay windows are excellent for enhancing the aesthetics and monetary worth of your house. There are hundreds of designs available to add a new window to your house.

We make it simple for you at Capital Comfort Windows & Doors to obtain the bow window you’ve been dreaming of. We work with you to install a custom-made bow window for your Ottawa area home using the finest quality materials available. Call us at (613) 317-3922 today.