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December 2021

Fiberglass Entry Doors What You Should Know

5 Big Benefits of Fiberglass Entry Doors From Capital Comfort

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Fiberglass entry doors may be the best option for many homes, and they come with a slew of useful features. They are long-lasting, low-maintenance and energy-saving. 

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of installing fiberglass front doors:

Benefits of fiberglass front doors


Fiberglass entry doors are renowned for this excellent feature. When fiberglass doors were initially launched, they didn’t have a reputation for being particularly attractive. Nonetheless, they were immediately recognized as one of the most robust doors available, which is still the case now.

What does this mean for you and your home? For people who live in certain places, this can be a significant factor. Living near a lake, in a windy place, or in a climate with all four seasons may increase your need for a more sturdy entry door.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass is an excellent heat-insulating material. What does this mean for you and your home? This means that if it’s hot outside in the summer and you turn on the air conditioner, your yard won’t get the cool air meant for inside your house.

The opposite is also true. If it’s winter and you’ve turned up the heat, your furnace isn’t melting the snow on your front step. In either case, you’re saving money on your energy bill and not wasting resources.


Fiberglass entry doors don’t require much maintenance, and they don’t easily dent, ding or scuff. To keep them appearing vivid and fresh, you don’t need to paint or stain them.

What does this mean for you and your home? In terms of lifestyle, low maintenance can be a big benefit for homeowners. A fiberglass door will keep you satisfied with minimal effort, whether you’re a busy parent, for example, or you simply don’t want to have to think about it.

Fiberglass Entry Doors What You Should Know | Capital Comfort



While it used to be difficult to find a fiberglass entry door that properly matched your home, that is no longer the case. Fiberglass doors are incredibly adaptable and may complement practically any home.

So when you’re looking for a fiberglass entry door to complement a specific style, colour or aesthetic in your home, you’ll be able to discover one at Capital Comfort.


When people are concerned with adding style to the appearance of their home, they frequently search for wood doors. On the other hand, today’s fiberglass doors can be designed to mirror the beauty and grandeur of a wood door while requiring less maintenance. 

Fiberglass may therefore be the appropriate answer for you if you want to match a more classic design; simply want the look of wood; or want the look of wood but want to keep your budget in check. Fiberglass doors are typically less expensive than wood doors, yet we can make fiberglass doors which appear just like real wood, right down to the wood grain and stain.


Fiberglass doors are a durable replacement for wood doors. Modern fiberglass doors have improved their ability to simulate the appearance and feel of real wood doors, without the hazards of warping, rot, shrinking or swelling.

The frame, the core, and the skin are the three main components of fiberglass doors. Wood or a high-strength composite material is commonly used for the frame. For insulation and soundproofing, the core is filled with polyurethane insulating foam. The exterior of the door is made of high-impact compression-moulded fiberglass.


A fiberglass door will not allow a hole to be punched through it. The security of your house entrance is determined by the door, the frame and the hardware. When it comes to security, the door’s strength will matter, but fiberglass doors provide you with peace of mind.

For your best selection of fiberglass doors in the Ottawa National Capital Region, visit Capital Comfort Windows and Doors online or call us at (613) 317-3922 today.

Know About Double-Hung Windows

A Guide to Double-Hung Windows from Capital Comfort (Ottawa)

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Double-hung windows remain a popular choice among homeowners.

Their position at the top is not just because of appearances. Similar materials, designs, colours, and features can be found in a variety of other window styles. But double-hung windows are popular for a very important reason: they are practical.

What is a double-hung window?

You can open both sashes of a double-hung window for fresh air. The bottom sash rises to let cold air in from the outside. The top sash of your window lowers, allowing hot air from your ceiling to escape through the window. Within the frame, the sashes slide past each other. To improve circulation in your home, you can open them both at the same time.

What are the benefits of this style?

From afar, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between double-hung and single-hung windows. They have the same appearance, however all of the distinctions may be found in the design. A double-hung window’s two movable sashes provide a variety of advantages.

Enhanced airflow

With just one double-hung window, you can ventilate almost any room. A slight opening of both sashes allows warm air to escape and cool air to enter. You can adjust the airflow by opening or closing each sash to your desired level of comfort. This is especially useful in two-storey homes, in order to help ventilate warm upper bedrooms.

Cleaning is simple

Cleaning a window from the inside is the most straightforward method. Cleaning the exterior of most other types of windows may necessitate the use of a ladder. Sashes that tilt in are available with double-hung windows, making it easier and faster to clean the entire window.


Double-hung windows are convenient because they allow you to open the top sash to let hot air out while keeping the bottom sash closed for children and pets.

Things You Should Know About Double-Hung Windows

What size and design possibilities are there?

Because of their widespread use, double-hung windows are readily adjustable. There are many basic sizes to choose from, ranging from 24 by 24 inches to 48 by 72 inches (two feet by two feet is the standard common size). Because it’s measured as 2’0″ by 2’0″, it’s called a “2020” window.

Standard sizes make finding a window that fits your home easier. Plus, they’re usually cheaper than a custom-sized or oddly-shaped window. This enables you to create one-of-a-kind window combinations by implementing different-sized double-hung windows. Transoms and neighbouring windows with unique shapes (such as half circles and small rectangles) can also be added.

When it comes to window replacement, double-hung windows are a popular choice since they have the practicality and versatility to fit almost any area in your home. You can install a conventional window that appears anything but, due to the various sizes, combinations and other features available.

Double-hung windows save you money on energy

Installing new windows can help you save money on electricity. However, it’s important to note that your windows should have many key components for the greatest energy savings.

When choosing your new double-hung windows, be sure the glass package contains the following:

  • Dual or triple-pane glass which can assist in saving energy (a triple-pane can help you save a lot of money on your electricity bills).
  • Argon or krypton gas which is a colourless and odourless energy-efficient gas. During the manufacturing process, they are put between the panes of dual or triple-pane windows. Because these gases are denser than air, they improve the thermal efficiency of the windows. Argon is a popular choice because it is both efficient and effective.
  • Energy Star certification which is given to the windows that are the most energy-efficient on the market.

Double-hung windows from Capital Comfort provide exceptional security with low-profile, double-cam locks that combine at the sashes for an exceptionally secure and tight seal.

Your best selection of double-hung windows awaits at Capital Comfort in Nepean (Ottawa). Plus, we’re always happy to speak with you at (613) 317-3922.

When Should You Replace Your Doors and Windows

When Should You Replace Your Windows and Doors?

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While we all wish they could, the truth is your home’s windows and doors won’t last indefinitely — at least not in good working order.

Your windows and doors will likely deteriorate beyond repair at some point during your time in your home (especially if you’ve been there for a few decades). Your best move is to replace them, rather than wasting time and money repairing them.

5 signs your should replace your windows and doors

You’re getting a shiver

If your house feels colder or warmer than usual, the problem may be with your windows or doors. As they age and become more worn, they can become less tightly sealed than they once were; this allows unwanted air in, while also allowing the warm or cold air circulating through your house to escape. If you’re experiencing temperature fluctuations, take some time to feel around your windows and doors to see if you can feel the air making its way through them.

Your utility bill has been rising

The weaker the seals on your windows and doors are, the more outside air enters your home. Of course, this can be physically uncomfortable, and it can also be costly to your wallet. This is because it takes more energy to heat or cool your home to maintain the desired indoor temperature. You’ll have more control over your home’s interior temperature if you replace your windows and doors. And this control will likely come at a lower cost than the rising bills you’ve been paying to your energy providers.

Outside noise is intruding

When your windows are closed, but you can still hear a lot of noise from outside such as cars driving by or birds tweeting, it’s a sign that your windows aren’t providing enough acoustic insulation. As soon as your replacements are installed, you’ll likely notice an instant (and pleasant) difference.

They’re ruined and unattractive to look at

If your doors and windows are no longer appealing due to deterioration, chipped paint, water stains, or other factors that reduce their aesthetic appeal, a replacement or upgrade will make your house more comfortable (and assist in boosting its resale value).

It’s difficult to open or close them

It might be time for a replacement if you’re having trouble opening or closing your doors and windows, or if they won’t stay open when you want them to. You may have become accustomed to attempting to push a warped door to open or close completely, or to hold up a portion of a window to keep it open, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Without much work or effort on your part, doors and windows should open and close — and stay that way. After all, opening and closing are two of the most critical jobs they do!

3 more signs you should replace your doors


When Should You Replace Your Doors and Windows

Aesthetic deterioration

The appearance of a door may frequently tell you whether it needs to be replaced. This is particularly true with wooden doors, but metal and fiberglass doors can also exhibit signs of wear. Warping, paint splitting, and peeling are the first indicators. While you can cover up these flaws with paint or wood stain, the fact remains that the door has aged.

Your doors are subject to daily abuse, and their functionality deteriorates as their appearance deteriorates. If you discover that it isn’t as functional as it once was, get a replacement door.

Increased leakage

You should also become aware of any breezes or sudden temperature changes near your doors, particularly those facing outside. Doors and windows should seal to insulate the internal climate from the outside. Of course, over time, the sealant material around your doors degrades, allowing drafts to enter and lower the interior temperature.

As a result, if you feel more draftiness emanating from some of your doors or windows, consider getting them replaced by your experts at Capital Comfort who can present you with high-quality options.

Insufficient security

Finally, one of the most telling signs that your doors need to be replaced is they don’t close or lock properly. This suggests a potential threat to your family’s safety and security, as well as your possessions. A door’s primary function is to enable or prohibit entry to the interior of your home.

If any door in your home doesn’t close tightly (and appears loose even after you’ve closed it), it may no longer be functional enough to safeguard the space it provides access to.

Have you decided it’s time to replace your windows and doors? Capital Comfort Windows and Doors will gladly come to your home for a free consultation and estimate. Visit us online or call us at (613) 317-3922 today.

What Should You Know About Awning Windows

What to Know When Purchasing Awning Windows

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When you sell your property, replacing the windows might provide you with a 71 percent return on investment. Awning windows are the sort of window to consider if you’re upgrading or replacing your windows.

Or do you have no intention of selling? There is no need to be concerned. 63 percent of those who had their windows replaced said they now like being at home more. Your home will look better with new windows and improved energy efficiency can help you save money on your electricity bills.

What Is an Awning Window and How Does It Work?

The top of an awning window has hinges, and it opens from the bottom. Awning windows are windows that open outward. Like a casement or hopper window, an awning window has a single sash that opens and closes using a hand crank.

Awning windows are rectangular and have a width that is greater than their height. The elevated glass acts as a shelter, similar to an awning, when the window is open over the aperture. The name is derived from this feature.

Where Are Awning Windows Useful?

Awning windows are suitable for various applications in the home, and they are a versatile option due to their design elements.


In the bathroom, privacy is certainly a top priority. Awning windows can be mounted high on the wall. You benefit from natural light and ventilation while preventing outsiders from peering in.

Throughout the year, you want air circulation in the bathroom. Awning windows may be opened in practically any weather.


Do you want to leave the window in your bedroom open but don’t want to invite burglars in? Awning windows are an excellent alternative in this situation. In that manner, you can sleep in the fresh air while remaining safe.

Know About Awning Windows


If you need to install a window over furniture or fixtures, an awning window is ideal. In the kitchen, this type of arrangement is common. You can still open an awning window if you have to reach over the sink (or a wide counter).

Another reason to choose an awning window for the kitchen is that this is an area where you want air circulation all year.

With a picture window

Awning windows provide a clear view of the outside world. A lot of people put them above a picture window. You keep your vision while still allowing air to circulate in the room.

At a low level

Other types of windows are less secure than awning windows. Because your family’s protection is paramount, this security feature makes them an excellent choice for locations where security is paramount. One example is basements or other below-ground rooms.

What Is the Function of an Awning Window?

The way awning windows operate is that they open and close with a crank, making them easier to manage than slider windows.

Simply unlock the locks on both sides of the window to open it. Then unfold and turn the crank handle until the window is open to the desired angle. Awning windows may expand up to 90 degrees in some cases.

Close the window by turning the handle the opposite direction until it is shut. It  locks on both sides.

What Are the Benefits of Awning Windows?

Awning windows have a lot of benefits in addition to their appealing appearance.

Light and ventilation

Awning windows let in a lot of fresh air, and they allow for the entry of natural light into the room. An awning window may provide you with benefits we all enjoy such as fresh air and light, even in small or difficult-to-reach areas of your home.

Can remain open regardless of weather

Because of how an awning window works, the glass protects the window opening when it is open. As a result, even if it rains, the window can remain open.


We said before that an awning window can fit high on a wall where other windows can’t. As such, an awning window is a wonderful choice in places where privacy is crucial, such as the bathroom.


Awning windows are frequently located high on the wall and are small in size, making them tough to enter through.

Uninterrupted view

There are no rails on awning windows and they have only one sash. They provide you with an unimpeded perspective of the outside world.

To find out more about the best awning windows in Ottawa for you, visit us online at capitalcomfortwindows.com or call us at (613) 317-3922 today.

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